Where to start—What to say.
It began with a leaflet posted through the door. There was a comprehensive range of services enabling  people requiring care to stay in their own home. I was particularly impressed with the fact that the two managers had extensive nursing experience between them.
My mum, an extremely proud independent lady and an ex nurse to boot with an aversion to living out her days in a care home.
She was receiving a reasonable standard of care from another agency, ideally I would love to have cared for her myself with some assistance but unfortunately have a debilitating disease therefore unable to do so. I also have an extensive background in nursing and know what standards of care I myself would deliver.
Following a lengthy conversation with Sarah, one of the managers then a discussion with mum her care was in place within days. Her needs have been adjusted as and when required. The managers are in regular contact with me if there is any problem and dealt with accordingly.
I am 100% happy with the care that my mum is receiving from these lovely ladies and their staff. Mum is well cared for, fed, clean and so happy to be in her home.
I made the right decision.